Ketamine Powder


$45 per grams minimum  5 grams

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Ketamine Powder We are offering Ketamine powder for sale online.

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K,,There are several off-label uses that have been studied for k including,

but not limited to, chronic pain, including chronic neuropathic pain,

restless legs syndrome and phantom limb syndrome.

Alternative routes of administration, including oral,

intr rectal and subcutaneous have been studied.However,

these routes of administration and usesar and are not supported by

the FDA (2). adverse effects of k include hypertension,

tachycardia and psychiatric signs and symptoms. K

can also produce a transient respiratory depression therefore its use

requires regular monitoring of vital signs(1).K injection is

commercially available in 10 mg/ml, 50 mg/ml and 100 mg/ml vials

K powder is a rapid-acting anesthetic that

can produce anesthesia while maintaining skeletal muscle tone,




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